Feedback from our 3rd ‘Planning for coronavirus’ online drop-in

Our third webinar on Friday 3 April was a drop-in. We discussed three key questions that have surfaced from previous sessions.

How do we enable our teaching staff to quickly and confidently move to teaching in an online environment?

How do you provide a consistent online experience for learners?

What synchronous and asynchronous digital activities work best for your learners?

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You can watch the full recording of the briefing on this link. We have also made a note of the key comments and suggestions and made them available below.

Enabling staff

Focus on one step at a time for staff skills, starting with what they know and not trying to introduce too many new things

Enable peer to peer support, buddy schemes, digital champions, sharing experiences, virtual coffee breaks

Plenty of training – allowing for experimenting with peers – making time for CPD – use badges for motivation

Show support and empathy to staff and model the new behaviours

Regular communication with staff and their participation in the transition process

Responsive IT support and collaboration between departments

‘Start now, perfect it later’

Consistent online experience

Structured lesson planning in a consistent way and standardised approaches to delivery

Standard platforms and core technologies for staff and learners

Regular communication and interaction through the same channels so learners feel supported

Timetable being stuck to even online so learner expectations and tutor workload can be managed – conversely this might be impossible for some learners – one size does not fit all

Digital activities

Flipgrid to keep the conversation going

Google forms to check engagement and learning

Quizziz to assess engagement

Kaizena for feedback on learners’ work

Problem based learning with presentation slides to share outcomes

Teams for asychronous discussion – learners in different time zones

Padlet to review student generated content

Recorded lessons / lectures followed by live tutorials

Videos with inbuilt quizzes – eStream, H5P, Kaltura, Clickview

Narrated slide decks for sharing information

Screencast-o-matic to record what is happening on the screen

Here are some of the links that were shared by our attendees.

University of Northampton – COVID-19 – how to sustain your teaching

King’s College London – Teaching & Learning with Technology

VideoPad Video Editor for Mac – Professional Video Editing Software for Everyone

University of Northampton – Developing Digital Capabilities

Jisc involve – Coronavirus

diigo group – COVID19

Jisc accessibility community group

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