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Teaching in Microsoft Teams

Teams is primarily designed as a collaborative workspace, but if you are delivering webinars, workshops or training sessions you can use many of the functions to create live interactions. Esther Barrett shares some tools and techniques for making teaching in Teams more interactive and engaging.

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Live online learning – is this the future?

As more learning providers deliver live online learning, Esther reflects on past experiences and future considerations when we are planning to invest in a platform for webinars, training and classes


Feedback from our 3rd ‘Planning for coronavirus’ online drop-in

Our third webinar on Friday 3 April was a drop-in. We discussed three key questions that have surfaced from previous sessions. How do we enable our teaching staff to quickly and confidently move to teaching in an online environment? How do you provide a consistent online experience for learners? What synchronous and asynchronous digital activities […]

Webinars, online classes and meetings – from Yawn to Yay

Esther Barrett has written a series of blogs to help you build interactivity and engagement into your online meetings, webinars and teaching sessions.