Keeping accessibility in mind

We’re mindful that the necessary increase in online learning delivery is happening in the context of new web accessibility regulations. These regulations mean it is a legal requirement for colleges and universities to ensure that new online content meets certain standards. These standards ensure disabled students can access important information and course materials on your … Read more

How are you supporting your teaching staff?

Scott unpicks the data from a recent poll carried out at Jisc’s second online briefing planning for the Coronavirus. Top tips from the sector include areas such as upskilling staff, providing a consistent online experience for learners and remote working. Read more

Some points from our 2nd ‘Planning for coronavirus’ online briefing

Monday 23rd March saw the second online briefing on preparing for Coronavirus.  Based on feedback, comments and answers to the questions we asked in the first briefing, we have tailored the topics to try and answer the most common points. How does an organisation take steps to ensure that they are moving in the right … Read more

A snapshot of our first planning for coronavirus online briefing

(Image available on Pixabay). This Monday Jisc held the first of a series of online briefings to help members with the challenges ahead. A full recording of the first briefing is available on our website, but for convenience’s sake we have included short videos of two of the key themes below. Share this…FacebookPinterestTwitterLinkedin Read more

Home studying – finding out what works best for you

There are no rights or wrongs to how to study at home. And the chances are that every person you ask would come up with a different set of answers. And that’s the point. It’s about finding out what works best for you – not what other people think or say you should be doing. … Read more