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Some points from our 2nd ‘Planning for coronavirus’ online briefing

Monday 23rd March saw the second online briefing on preparing for Coronavirus.  Based on feedback, comments and answers to the questions we asked in the first briefing, we have tailored the topics to try and answer the most common points.

How does an organisation take steps to ensure that they are moving in the right direction? In this briefing, Subject Specialists from Jisc in Accessibility and Digital Practice, offer some recommendations. Particularly on how to move to into a fully online teaching (and learning) experience.

You can watch the full recording of the briefing on this link. But for convenience, we have recorded the key themes and made the available below.

The first segment of the briefing was led by Kellie Mote.  She has written a post on her experience of moving to a fully online teaching model.

Tales of a reluctant online educator

Priorities when looking at 100% online learning and student experience – Zac Gribble

YouTube Preview Image

Enabling Online Practice – John Sumpter

YouTube Preview Image

How do you support your teaching staff to make the transition to online learning? – Scott Hibberson

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Supporting Students for online learning – Chris Thomson

YouTube Preview Image

The conversations in the chat boxes were filled with comment, suggestions and ideas. Some links that were shared by our attendees are listed below.

By Zac Gribble

Subject Specialist - Digital Practice (platforms). I've worked in HE for over 10 years as a developer and leader in eLearning before joining Jisc. From working with students through to senior management, my passion for digital tools and user/student experience has played a huge role in this adventure. I'm a big user of technology in music as well as learning, design and developing. I'm just as happy to chat about sounds, microphones and hearing through spine conductivity for drummers!

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