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Pausing to reflect on digital wellbeing

Scott asks how we can support learners at this difficult time and encourage them to reflect on the positive and negative impacts digital can have.

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Taking needs assessments online

This post was updated 13th July 2020 to include ‘Getting ready to take needs assessment online’ video and transcript. For students entitled to Disabled Students Allowance (DSA), or similar support, an expert needs assessment is an essential part of the process. A needs assessment is a student-centred process where recommendations for adjustments, support strategies and […]

Teaching and Learning

Tooling Up to Teach Online

Zac raises some points to consider when thinking about bringing learning tools into online teaching. What questions should educators ask when choosing tools?

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Strengthening our response

Covid-19 has caused a sudden switch to online delivery for many. Inevitably we have focused on an immediate response to the crisis. Julia Taylor, Jisc subject specialist in inclusive practice explores what we can learn from this experience to strengthen our response longer term.

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After the emergency: what happens after lockdown ends?

Chris starts to think about what happens once this current lockdown is over. How can we make sure people can recover, that lessons are learned and planning for the future can begin?


Feedback from our 3rd ‘Planning for coronavirus’ online drop-in

Our third webinar on Friday 3 April was a drop-in. We discussed three key questions that have surfaced from previous sessions. How do we enable our teaching staff to quickly and confidently move to teaching in an online environment? How do you provide a consistent online experience for learners? What synchronous and asynchronous digital activities […]

Webinars, online classes and meetings – from Yawn to Yay

Esther Barrett has written a series of blogs to help you build interactivity and engagement into your online meetings, webinars and teaching sessions.

Business Operations

Planning and prioritising IT services during an extended period of closure

Universities and colleges have experienced massive changes in the way they operate during the past few weeks as we move towards remote delivery of learning and services to students and staff. A huge amount has already been done to take us to this ‘new normal’. As new ways of working and delivering to learners are […]