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Live online learning – is this the future?

As more learning providers deliver live online learning, Esther reflects on past experiences and future considerations when we are planning to invest in a platform for webinars, training and classes

Webinars, online classes and meetings – from Yawn to Yay

Esther Barrett has written a series of blogs to help you build interactivity and engagement into your online meetings, webinars and teaching sessions.

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How are you supporting your teaching staff?

Scott unpicks the data from a recent poll carried out at Jisc’s second online briefing planning for the Coronavirus. Top tips from the sector include areas such as upskilling staff, providing a consistent online experience for learners and remote working.

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Some points from our 2nd ‘Planning for coronavirus’ online briefing

Monday 23rd March saw the second online briefing on preparing for Coronavirus.  Based on feedback, comments and answers to the questions we asked in the first briefing, we have tailored the topics to try and answer the most common points. How does an organisation take steps to ensure that they are moving in the right […]

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School’s out! What this means for the #onlinepivot

With the schools closing over the whole UK from Monday 23rd March there are some impacts we should be planning for when moving teaching and learning online; managing bandwidth and thinking about the learners’ context.

Online meeting survival guide

Because of Coronavirus, lots of us are experiencing online meetings for the first time. If you’ve never chaired or attended an online meeting before it can be a pretty weird experience. Done well, they’re a great way of getting people together from a wide area or at a moment’s notice and can make you much […]